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Home is where the gym is…

Home gym essentials (you know, for when your gyms closes during a pandemic…) 1. Power Loops These resistance bands are an inexpensive but effective piece of equipment to add to your home gym! They come in light, medium, and heavy so you have a variety of options to use no matter what type of workout you’re doing! Bonus: they can even double as a hair tie if you’re in desperate need…and I’m talking d e s p e r a t e . Get them here 2. Ab Roller Wheel Anyone interested in a 6-pack? And I’m not talking about one you can find in one of the (many) Austin breweries! This ab roller might look small and simple, but trust me when I say

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Kozy Faves-Paint colors but not the popular ones!

Well hello there! This has been an interesting season for all things design related. Lots of people are finally tackling that home reno or update project they’ve been putting off for months or even years! With so much time being spent at home, why not right? Below are Kozy’s picks for paint colors in each shade, but not the ones you would expect! A simple Pinterest search will bring up loads of uber popular colors, so below are our picks that you shouldn’t ignore. Enjoy, and stay Kozy!  Paint the Rainbow 1.     Red Shades of red can be a little intimidating, but that just means you haven’t found the right one! Big Apple by Clare Paint is a warm red hue that can add the perfect

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Environmentally Kozy-Part 2

Here we are again! Even more ways to keep the planet green and do some good. If you didn’t see part one from last week go read our previous post and get your Amazon Prime ready. 1.     “Hi, I’ll have a venti-no foam-half-caf latte with extra plastic, thanks!” I know, I know, we all need our morning coffee in order to function like normal human beings, BUT one easy way we can contribute to a healthier environment is to start using reusable coffee cups. Whether you’re making your morning macchiato at home or driving through your favorite brew station, a reusable coffee cup is an inexpensive and easy way to reduce the amount of single-use plastic floating around. Below are links to two options that I

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Environmentally Kozy-Eco Friendly Products for the Home

It’s no secret that eco friendly is all the rage right now, and rightfully so! Here’s a roundup of my favorite ‘green’ home accessories to keep your space environmentally friendly…and chic at the same time! 1.     Let’s kick this off with a splash…of paint! Clare Paint is a company that offers premium quality paint that is also “GREENGUARD certified”. According to their website, Clare Paints are “free of toxic, carbon-based solvents that pollute the air and pose health risks.” Besides the fact that this paint can literally make your home a healthier place, the color options are stunning! With everything from “Dirty Martini” to “Rosé Season,” you really can’t go wrong.                Website. 2.     Now, you know you’ve reached peak adulthood when you get excited about sponges. But hear me

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Patio Furniture We’re LOVING!

Summer is officially here and today we’ve rounded up some of the chicest AND affordable patio furniture we could find. Natural elements are the trend this summer making for a boho chic and warm & minimal space. Below are what we’ve rounded up (and linked!) Be sure to comment what you think, stay kozy! First up is this Slope Lounge chair from West Elm. I love this design, they have it in dining chairs and barstools as well. The rattan seat and metal base create the ultimate bohemian haven. Another lounger we’re loving is this Lucara Lounge from Article. The Rattan frame with the woven legs is so so chic. The seat cushion is plush for added comfort and the fabric can withstand any weather!

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Home Office Inspo

Welp, it’s the end of May and we’re still in quarantine. Since none of us thought it would last this long, I’m sure lots of you are still WFH on your couch, bed, makeshift desk in that extra room no one uses? Yea, I thought so. With working from home now the new norm, I’ve been getting loads of requests for home office updates! Below, here are some of our favorite inspiration pics for your Kozy new hone office. Ok, love this one for obvious reasons BUT, I love how versatile the stools can be. Sit down stand up or even use then to reach something on the top shelf. Also, white and brown is one of my favorite color palettes and I think this

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A Kozy favorite closing it’s doors

When Pier 1 Imports announced they will officially be closing all stores, I was immediately shook. It may be surprising to some, but I have always LOVED this store. A bit of nostalgia could be the culprit, but also how many GREAT finds you were always guaranteed to find there! Growing up, my mom used to always shop here, and still does. I would always tag along with her as I did any time she went furniture or home decor shopping. This place just holds a lot of good memories for me, personally. Our dishes in the house, and I mean all of them, are all from Pier 1. They have the best dinnerware! Tableware in general, you were always guaranteed to find the cutest,

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Top design trend Predictions for 2020

Wow! I can’t believe 2020 is almost here ya’ll. I remember way back when people were projecting we’d have flying cars and be living a life similar to the Jetsons by now. While we may be a ways from avoiding traffic jams on the freeway, we do have a few new trends I’ve been seeing around the design scene lately. Below are my projected trends of 2020. Comment below what you think! Matte white-white is the new black Wood accent stove hoods-the new bohemian farmhouse Hydro rails- A rain head without plumbing the ceiling? I’ll take it. Sustainability and green design-insert tree hug here Embracing your curves-as in curved furniture Classic Blue-Pantone said it Wall-hung toilets-Yep Terrazzo-Still here Hardware-less kitchen cabinets-who needs ‘em Large floral

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