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How to Style Your Bookshelves Like the Pros

How to Style Your Bookshelves Like the Pros   The key to a perfectly styled bookcase is balance. Balance of height and texture, colors and neutrals, and greenery with florals. Read on to find out how to do it! While styling your shelves so that they are Pinterest worthy may take some skill and a design eye, it’s nothing you can’t master with a few practice runs! Here are Kozy’s top 5 tips to style your shelves like a pro: 1. Make Your Selections Up first, take everything off. With a clean slate it’s easier to spot where you want your items to go. Remove any items that you don’t want and take inventory there. Again, make sure you have a good mix of heights,

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What to Splurge On & Where to Save When Buying Home Furnishings & Decor

Project: Leander Luxe Photography: Avery Nicole Photo Furnishing a new place is a fun and exciting time, so fun and exciting that it’s easy to go overboard and completely blow your budget. Planning ahead of time is crucial to ensure you stick to your budgeting guidelines. Here, I detail where to splurge and where to save when it comes to redecorating. Tip #1: Spend the Money on High-Traffic Items High traffic, high price tag. Anything that gets used or seen daily by you or your house company is considered a splurge-worthy item in my book. Think living room sofa, dining chairs, even area rugs. You want these pieces to last you a long time so consider them an investment piece. Project: Leander Luxe Photography: Avery

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Project Reveal-Leander Luxe

Design by KozyKasa Photography Avery Nicole Photo Styling Lindsay Hinkle A casually-cool modern inspired project reveal. When deciding to purchase a new construction home from a builder in the town of Leander, Texas, just minutes outside of Austin, the clients knew right away they would change up the finishes and fixtures that came along with it. Looping me in from the start, we were able to design the space with the items in mind that would eventually replace what the home was built with. In doing this we gave the home a more unique and modern look, and one that was tailored to the clients specifically. Project Deets We started by updating the finishes, paint colors, and fixtures throughout the entire home. From there we

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How to Design a Bathroom that is Equal Parts Functional and Fabulous

A beautiful bathroom design….but with no countertop space. Sound familiar? Design is equal parts beauty and function, so knowing how a bathroom (or any space) will be used prior to the design process is critical in ensuring that clutter doesn’t ugly-fy your new pretty space. Step #1 – Account for the Amount of Stuff that Must be Stored Before you dive into your bathroom reno, I encourage you to take inventory of all your “stuff” that you use daily and then declutter anything that you haven’t touched in a while. This will make the new bathroom you design more functional knowing that every one of your products has a spot. In this future space we’ve added recessed medicine cabinets into the walls to allow for

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9 Wallpaper Myths Debunked

Ohhh wallpaper. So outdated right? Wrong! Wallpaper is back baby and in a BIG way. We’re loving bold patterns and colorful prints as a warm welcome into your space. Wallpaper is a great way to let your personality shine, so go one…shine! Wallpaper has come a long way since the days of grandma’s plaid border in the kitchen. Now we’re seeing tons of textures, fun prints, even mixed media! Trust us-Kozy wouldn’t lead you wrong. Here are 9 wallpaper myths debunked to get you thinking about a new way to style your home. 1. Wallpaper is Far from Outdated We love using wallpaper as an accent feature in any room. Whether it’s behind your headboard, in your powder bath, or having some fun in the

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3 Brilliant Reasons to Add Color & Patterns to Your Interiors

A well-designed interior is all about layering. Mixing colors and textures helps the space feel well unified and not bland or boring. Today I’m sharing 3 reasons why you should consider adding a lil’ something’ somethin’ to your home. #1 – Varied Hues for a Healthy, Happy, Vibrant Home There’s a classic color theory study that was done way before I was born about how Mcdonald’s using red and yellow as their brand colors was all done on purpose. Bright colors such as these are said to induce hunger and anxiousness-so you go in, spend money, then leave. Hence why Ronald was able to have such successful biz. On the other hand, cool tone colors such as light blue and lavender are said to induce

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Design Project Timelines: What You Need to Know

There are so many factors when it comes to any design project that there is no “one fits all” project timeline. Factors such as scope, client decisiveness, product lead times, and construction delays all play a role in crossing the finish line. Today, I’m sharing 5 steps to take to help determine how long your dream home will take. 1. Consult the Pros We do this for a living so chances are, your design team will have a better idea of any project timeline from just a few conversations. Be sure to fill out any questionnaire given to you and answer any questions with any and all details so that there will be no surprises mid-way through construction. At Kozy, our first step is always

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How to Design a Social Outdoor Living Space

We’ve all been couped up for FAR too long, and now that things are semi back to normal, ish, people are ready to get back to some socially distanced back yard entertaining! Below are our top tips to make your outdoor space kozy and inviting. Step 1: Carefully Consider How the Space will be Used Do you plan to host *socially distanced* events or gatherings? Or, do you see yourself and the kiddos soaking up the sun and splashing in the pool? It’s important to really visualize how you really see yourself enjoying your space and designing around the vision. No sense in creating an outdoor kitchen if you never plan to BBQ. Step 2: Start Layering from the Ground Up Start with your big

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Design Trend Predictions After A Couple Days in Vegas

Kozy’s Trend Predictions-Winter 2021 The fall is upon us, well ok, not really BUT it’ll be here before you know it. And with the changing of seasons always come new trends in the design world. After attending the Spring Las Vegas Market last week I saw sooo many cool new things to be excited for! Below are what I predict to be huge in the coming months. Contrasting welts. What a cool way to add some visual interest! Green couches. I feel like we already knew this, but for whatever reason, 50 shades of green are having their glamour moment. That’s right baby! Plaid is back and I am HERE for it! We knew the 90s were back in style and if shoulder pads don’t

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Kozy Favorites: Coffee Table Edition

Spring is among us and that means home updates are well underway! The anchor piece to every living room is of course the coffee table, so here are our top picks to give your main living space than little bit of oomph. Happy shopping!

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