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Twenty & Trendy baby- top design trend predicitons for 2020

Wow! I can’t believe 2020 is almost here ya’ll. I remember way back when people were projecting we’d have flying cars and be living a life similar to the Jetsons by now. While we may be a ways from avoiding traffic jams on the freeway, we do have a few new trends I’ve been seeing around the design scene lately. Below are my projected trends of 2020. Comment below what you think! Matte white-white is the new black Wood accent stove hoods-the new bohemian farmhouse Hydro rails- A rain head without plumbing the ceiling? I’ll take it. Sustainability and green design-insert tree hug here Embracing your curves-as in curved furniture Classic Blue-Pantone said it Wall-hung toilets-Yep Terrazzo-Still here Hardware-less kitchen cabinets-who needs ‘em Large floral

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Currently Coveting-Cane

New Kozy Fave-Caning. What is it? Well for starters it’s everywhere lately we’ve been noticing, a blast from the past you might say. Hey, if overalls and fanny packs can come back, then so can caning. Caning is essentially woven rattan, native to Indonesia, Phillipines, and Malaysia. It has a chic boho-70’s vibe when used on furniture and we’re V into it. Have a look at some of our favourite inspo pics we’ve found on the web recently! Comment below and tell us what you think stay kozy xx  Source Globe West Source The Modhemian Source Urban Outfitters Source Livabl

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WE THE BEST…..home?

Dj Khalid has a furniture line. Yes you read that correctly, DJ Khalid now has a furniture line and TBH, we’re V into it. It’s gotti, very OTT (over the top) but honestly, we’re kinda digging it.  It’s what you would expect from the rap mogul. Bling, gold, r i c h. Miami. In fact, the line will be available at the iconic Miami furniture showroom El Dorado Furniture. On display you can find The Lion Collection, The Major Key Collection, The Iconic Collection, and, wait for it, my favorite and the best of all…THE BALLER COLLECTION. Gold leather sectional anyone?  The pieces aren’t necessarily what you would find in your everyday home, but you would for sure find them in Dj Khalids. I can

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Hey! I'm Kristin

I’m the owner and lead designer here at KozyKasa. My nomadic and wanderlust soul has led me all over the world, and I now live in Austin, TX.

When not designing chic interiors, you can find me either in the yoga studio working on my zen or on the beach working on my tan.

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