How to Organize Your Hosting Essentials for the Holidays


With the holidays come holiday parties and hosting guests, invited or not. Since it’s nearly the holiday season again already I wanted to share some tips to make your entertaining needs easy, less stressful, and most importantly, help you stay organized during the chaos the season can bring.

Tip 1: Create a Seating Plan

Utilizing your dining space for everyday use and for entertaining can be tricky. I like to opt for an extension dining table when there’s room and rarely mix in end arm chairs with armless dining chairs. This is so you can move and squeeze additional chairs in when needed for extra guests! A trick if you don’t own an extension dining table is to but a folding party table up and use an extra-long table cloth. Then, set the tables cape-like normal and no one will ever know the difference!

Seating PlanProject: Leander Luxe Photography: Avery Nicole Photography 

Tip 2: Use Multi-Functional Items for Style & Storage

A buffet or credenza in the dining space is a great element to incorporate. It’s a great place to keep your entertaining dishwater and serving platters, plus gives you ample tabletop room for appetizers and a makeshift bar.

Style and StorageProject: East Side Bachelorette Photography: Becca Murphy Photo

Tip 3: Have a Plan for Seasonal Decor

When it comes to holiday decor and storing it safely year after year, some prep work and organization is key. Label your boxes and keep similar items stored together. Don’t overpack those boxes either! You don’t want them too heavy so you need an army to help you move then down from the attic or up from the basement. Remember to make it easy on yourself so your are less stressed and can keep decorating for the season fun!

Seasonal DecorProject: Leander Luxe Photography: Avery Nicole Photography 

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