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How to Create a Cozy Home without Clutter

How to Create a Cozy Home without Clutter Too much clutter can make you feel anxious and disorganized and not enough can make your space feel cold and uninviting. So today I’m giving you 3 tips to help make your home feel cozy (ahem, kozy) without the clutter. 1. Amp Up the Cozy Texture Less is more, but you still need enough. Try layering different textures such as a knit throw with velvet throw pillows and other natural materials to your space. Layering different materials and textures will help create a cozy feel without the need for too many different items. 2. Opt for Warm, Grounding Colors Adding in different colors or tones can go a long way, too. While the all white kitchen may never

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Eco-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas

Eco-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas The holiday’s are often a stressful time on the wallet but it doesn’t have to be! A couple smart switches can help lighten the load and help get you through the holiday season.   1. Decorate with Natural Elements Not only does dried fruit add a chic touch to your gift wrapping, the fragrance is also a pleasant and unexpected twist! Orange peels, pomegranate, even pine cones are an excellent way to bring nature into your gift wrapping and keep things eco friendly. Try tying a tree clipping to the name tag for a unique touch. 2. Use Alternative Options for Gift Wrap A few wrapping alternatives are brown paper bags (time to raid your stash of Trader Joe’s bags!), recycled

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5 Window Treatment Combinations that Elevate Your Home’s Style

5 Window Treatment Combinations that Elevate Your Home’s Style Curtains or shades? Or blinds or drapes? And what’s the difference? If you’ve ever wondered where, when, why, or how to dress your windows trust me that you’re not alone. Window treatments can be tricky and deciding which to use where even more so. Below are 5 window treatment combos to consider for your home.   1. Layer Linen Curtains with Sheer Curtains Layering window treatment styles adds a layer (pun intended) of elegance to your home. This can be done with different fabrics, like pairing a linen drape with a sheer overlay. Light filtering and room darkening when you need, it’s a win win combo for me. 2. Combine Curtains with Roller Shades Another winning

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3 Essential Things to Do Before Building a Beautiful New Home

3 Essential Things to Do Before Building a Beautiful New Home When renovating or building a new home there are about a million different moving parts. With so many moving pieces it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you don’t know what you are even doing. So today I’m sharing 3 essential tips to keep in mind if you plan to build or renovate your home in the future. Project: Industrial Elmira Photography: Avery Nicole Photo  Step #1: Design Your Dream Home The first step is to design the space you want, because there will be nothing to build if it’s not designed. Often, people mistake bringing a designer and a contractor in to get quotes before having any part of the home

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How to Organize Your Hosting Essentials for the Holidays

How to Organize Your Hosting Essentials for the Holidays With the holidays come holiday parties and hosting guests, invited or not. Since it’s nearly the holiday season again already I wanted to share some tips to make your entertaining needs easy, less stressful, and most importantly, help you stay organized during the chaos the season can bring.   Tip 1: Create a Seating Plan Utilizing your dining space for everyday use and for entertaining can be tricky. I like to opt for an extension dining table when there’s room and rarely mix in end arm chairs with armless dining chairs. This is so you can move and squeeze additional chairs in when needed for extra guests! A trick if you don’t own an extension dining

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3 Unique Aspects of Post-Pandemic Homes

3 Unique Aspects of Post-Pandemic Homes The year 2020 changed everything. We can all attest to 2020 being a hard year at varying levels and for various reasons. The silver lining? It gave many of us a new perspective on our daily lives, our homes, and on how much we need to interact with other humans. Thus, it is no surprise that the three biggest changes we are seeing in new construction and home remodels include home office spaces, multi-functional kitchens, and higher ceilings. After over a year of feeling sequestered and isolated, homeowners are (tipping our hats to Meghan Trainor) all about that space. The office Spending less time in a “real” office and more time working from home has led to a huge need

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Project Reveal: Modern Industrial Project in Austin Texas

Project Reveal: Modern Industrial Project in Austin Texas Photo: Avery Nicole Photography  Our client first came to us with one requirement and one requirement only, to do “the opposite of Joanna Gaines.” NOW before you yell at me, this is not a knock to Chip and Jo or any of their designs, I admire the hell out of those two and highly respect them. However, it’s no secrete Jo has become known for the Modern Farmhouse style. It’s very popular here in Texas so being able to design in a style that was outside of our usual client calls was very exciting. Industrial Modern was the theme for this project. With the end goal for the home to be an Air BnB rental, we knew

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4 Reasons Designers Choose Real Plants for Their Homes (& Which Ones!)

4 Reasons Designers Choose Real Plants for Their Homes (& Which Ones)   Live plants are an essential part in my home. Dating (and living with) a landscape designer mayyyyy have something to do with it, but we have plants EVERYWHERE. Why? Read below for my top 4 reasons to opt for real > faux house plants.   Greenery is Calming & Restorative Plants, florals botanicals, whatever you want to call them have a way of making a space feel serene, calm, and clean. Notice how they are often found in yoga studios, spas, and other zen like places? By bringing live greenery into your home you invite that sense of calm which is always a plus over chaos. 2. Live Plants Bring Color into

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How to Design a Home that Kids & Pets Won’t Destroy

How to Design a Home that Kids & Pets Won’t Destroy   With most of us still working from home, either temporarily or for good, and kids in virtual school, all areas of the home have become daily used spaces instead of only sparingly. Some of us may even be new paw-rents and learning how to keep your furniture in tact is new news. Below are my top materials to use in your space for long lasting durability. Great Options for Durable Flooring Hardwood floors are a true classic but they can scratch pretty easily. Paws, high heels, and kids toys are some of the most common culprits to damaged wood floors. Alternatives include LVP or LVT, which stands for “luxury vinyl planks/tile.” These are

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3 Ways to Add Drama to a Powder Room

3 Ways to Add Drama to a Powder Room A powder room is my go-to space when it comes to making a statement. It’s a space often used by guests, therefore a great place to let your personality shine. Here are my top tips for adding drama to your space. Photography: Avery Nicole Photography Project: Leander Luxe  1. Powder Room are Prime Spaces for Color Wallpaper and bold paint colors are my number 1 tip when it comes to making a splash. Go big or go home as they say. Opt for something with large scale patterns and unique designs to add some flair, and add a unique mirror with statement cabinet hardware! Photography: Avery Nicole Photography Project: 04Modern 2. Add Statement Lighting for Some

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