Halloween Decor You’ll Actually Want

Chic Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor You’ll Actually Want

Elevate your Halloween decorations this spooky season

From whimsical witches to ghostly ghouls, cobweb-clad corners to pumpkin-adorned pathways, the art of Halloween decorations knows no bounds. Prepare to conjure magic and mischief as we explore the art of adorning your home with elements that send shivers down the bravest souls. Let the incantations begin, and may your Halloween décor be both spooky and spectacular, here are our picks for Halloween decor you’ll actually want!

 1. LED Flameless Candles

Drip Flameless LED Candle Decor








Stay safe once the witches brew starts flowing with flameless candles. I love arranging these in groups of *odd* numbers on a coffee table in differing heights.

2. Throw Pillows

Rust Orange Ribbed Velvet Throw Pillow








Adorn your living room sofa with fall-themed throw pillows. These burnt orange pillow covers are the perfect rust with a ribbed texture for added comfort. Pair with our favorite inserts!

3. Checkerboard Pumpkin 

Black and White Checkerboard Pumpkin Decor








Decorate your tables cape or fireplace mantel with these adorable checkerboard pumpkins. Checkerboard is the new decor trend taking the world by storm. Lean into the trend with a black and white theme!

4. Spooky Taper Candle Sticks 

Black Taper Candle Sticks








Mix and match differing heights of these taper candle sticks on your dining table or mantel. These will give off a spooky look to your decor! Pair with these flameless taper candle sticks! 

5.  Howdy Skeleton Hand Towel 

Cowboy Skeleton Waffle Hand Towel








I’m sorry but how fun are these cowboy themed hand towels?! Dress up your bathroom with some western fun with these waffle texture cowboy themed hand towels. Alright Alright Alright!

We hope this guide has inspired you to channel your inner sorcerer, letting your creativity cast spells of wonder throughout your abode. Shop the rest of our picks for a spooky home here. Happy Haunting, and may your spells be ever enchanting!

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Stay kozy y’all,


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