Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen

Modern Residential Kitchen Design

Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen


Unlocking the secrets to achieving a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality


Embarking on a kitchen remodeling journey is an exciting endeavor, brimming with endless possibilities to enhance functionality, style, and the overall essence of your abode. Whether you’re looking to transform your culinary space into a modern marvel, a cozy nest, or a chef’s paradise, there’s a recipe for every taste. Read below for our top tips to consider before embarking on a kitchen remodel.

Tip #1: Take Inventory 

Take inventory and do an edit of the items you do and don’t use. Then, take this further by categorizing the items into a “daily use” and a “sometimes use” pile. Stand mixers and other larger speciality appliances can be stored in a future pantry while your coffee maker will want a permanent place on the countertop.

Tip #2: Add Technology

There have been some really innovative and creative technology advances lately. You definitely want to consider adding a few features when planning your kitchen remodel. This can be as simple as adding outlets into your kitchen island and placing them strategically where you’ll keep your everyday appliances. Motion censored LED under-cabinet lighting is one of our favorite features to add, as well as motion censored faucets. Taking advantage of a few of these features will make your everyday flow seamlessly in your new space.

Tip #3: Space Plan 

Plan, and then plan again. Having the most logically and functional space plan for your kitchen remodel is the most important aspect to consider. We highly suggest working with an interior designer who has experience in space planning and the logistics that come with it, so that you’re not cramped when handling hot pots and pans. There are certain clearances you especially want to be aware of, such as a minimum 4ft distance between your perimeter counters and island. Working with a professional will help ensure you utilize the space to its utmost potential. Here are some of Kozy’s favorite kitchen remodels we’ve done in the past for inspiration.







Avery Nicole Photography, Madeline Harper Photography

Tip #4: Consider the Aesthetics 

Now for the fun part! Once you have the space plan ready to roll, it’s time to consider the finishes that will make your kitchen shine. Function comes into play here too, though. You’ll want to use durable materials that will last and require minimal maintenance. Marble countertops are beautiful but do require more care than a quartz. Consider the differences and price points of each material before making your final selections. We love mixing metals in a kitchen, so don’t be afraid to play with gold cabinet hardware and a matte black faucet either. Again, we highly suggest working with a designer who can compile your design inspiration to a mood board to make sure the design works together and looks beautiful in the end. It’s important to have everything selected first, before making any purchases so that you ensure you stay on budget and the design looks cohesive in the end.

Modern Residential Kitchen Design

Avery Nicole Photography 

Tip #5: Conceal the Ugly 

Ok, we said it. The kitchen is the heart of the home but it also comes with some less than ideal elements. Consider hiding your trash in a built-in cabinet, rather than having it out in the open at the end of your island. Built-in storage in general is a good idea to make sure your countertops stay clear instead of loaded with everyday items. Spice drawers and pot racks are some of our other favorite elements to incorporate.

Remember that your kitchen should reflect your unique taste, lifestyle, and culinary aspirations. Embrace the transformation-it’s a blend of passion, precision, and a dash of personal magic! Get in touch with us here if you’re ready to embark on your remodel. We can’t wait to walk you through the process!

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