Fall Decor to Steer Clear From

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Fall Decor to Steer Clear From

While autumn brings a warm, cozy color palette and a chance to embrace nature’s changing hues, there are certain design choices that can cause even the most seasoned designers to shudder. Let’s delve into some fall decor trends that might make us cringe and explore alternatives that align with a more sophisticated design aesthetic.

1. Faux Pumpkins, Leaves, and Garlands

Kristin was featured on The Spruce talking about how faux garlands make her cringe, and for good reason. While it’s tempting to go all out with thematic decorations, an overdose of plastic pumpkins, cartoonish scarecrows, and excessive fake foliage can undermine the sophistication of a space. Instead, opt for tasteful and understated autumnal accents like natural pumpkins, dried leaves, and subtle hints of fall colors incorporated into existing decor.

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2. Excessive and Clashing Color Schemes

Autumn is synonymous with warm hues, but going overboard with oranges, reds, yellows, and browns can be overwhelming and clash with your existing interior palette. A well-balanced approach involves incorporating muted tones of these colors, ensuring they harmonize with your space’s overall ambiance and style.

3. Cheap and Tacky Fabrics

Faux fur throws or blankets with overly synthetic materials might scream “fall” but could also scream “tacky.” Opt for high-quality, authentic textiles that not only embody the cozy essence of autumn but also add a touch of sophistication. Think rich velvets, wool, and natural fibers that exude both comfort and class.

4. Clichéd Typography and Word Art

Decorating with overly clichéd fall-related typography or word art can cheapen the look of your space. Instead, embrace subtlety by incorporating elegant calligraphy or timeless quotes that evoke the essence of the season without being too literal.

5. Overwhelming Scents and Potpourri

While scents are an important aspect of ambiance, overpowering the space with artificial cinnamon or pumpkin spice fragrances can be overwhelming and intrusive. Opt for natural, subtle aromas through scented candles or essential oils that complement your space and provide a pleasant olfactory experience.

6. Unsightly Craft Projects Gone Awry

DIY projects are a wonderful way to express creativity, but sometimes they can result in decor that clashes with the overall aesthetic. If DIY isn’t your forte, consider purchasing high-quality, well-crafted decor items that align with your design sensibilities.

7. Disorganized and Cluttered Displays

Arranging decor in a cluttered or disorganized manner can disrupt the flow and balance of a room. To maintain a sophisticated look, select a few statement pieces and arrange them strategically to create focal points without overwhelming the space.

Embracing the fall season in your decor doesn’t mean sacrificing sophistication and design integrity. By opting for tasteful, thoughtfully selected elements that complement your existing aesthetic, you can celebrate autumn in a way that elevates your space. Remember, less is often more, and subtlety can speak volumes in the world of design. 


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