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Reupholstery 101: Knowing When to Salvage the Old or Purchase the New

Reupholstery 101: Knowing When to Salvage the Old or Purchase the New   Whether you’ve had a long day in the office or the kids have kept you busy, there’s no better feeling than plopping down in your favorite spot on your most comfortable piece of furniture. It might be that communal sectional the whole family loves, or the antique armchair that adds an element of elegance to your space. However, sometimes our well-loved pieces need a little love of their own. To reupholster or replace? That is the question. Kozy Project: Cedar Park Chill Photographer Avery Nicole Photography  Question 1 to Ask Yourself: “Do I Love this Piece?” First question to ask yourself, does the piece have sentimental value that you don’t want to

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5 Wow-Worthy Foyer Pieces to Accentuate Your Home

5 Wow-Worthy Foyer Pieces to Accentuate Your Home First impressions are key and your home is no different! Your entry foyer sets the tone for the house as a whole but unfortunately, it’s often over looked in the design process. Below are some of our Foyer Favorites to WOW your guests when they stop by unexpected 🙂 Hammond Console This piece is functional AND unique! Distressed wood can lean modern or transitional in design so it’s a go-top choice of Kozy’s. Dress it up with a table lamp and wall mirror and have a *cool* place to leave your keys. Shop it here! Wellington Entry Mirror Dual purpose is served. Arches are *so in* right now and plus, there are hooks for your coats, purses,

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Investing 101: Where to Save vs. Spend When it Comes to Home Furnishings

Investing 101: Where to Save vs. Spend When it Comes to Home Furnishings   Designing your dream home is such an exciting time, I actually relate it to your first time at Disney Land. But, without a solid plan AND budget in place before you start shopping, it’s really easy to get offtrack. So here I am detailing where to splurge and where to save when it comes to designing your space. 1.) Where to Invest Your Money Wisely Your big ticket items should always be items you use and see the most. Think sofas and dining tables, and if you’re remodeling, your flooring, tiles, and plumbing. These are items that get the most use and see the most traffic so they should be the

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Project Reveal: Jaw-Dropping Home Remodel in Austin, Tx

Cedar Park Chill was a complete home renovation. We took this 90’s home down to the studs to give an updated and more modern look to the space. We closed up dated art niches, removed a never before used corner fireplace, and took down useless pony walls to open up the space. Keep reading to see the jaw dropping transformation!   Our Process & Project Launch We started with the hard materials first. Modern luxury vinyl floors, patterned tile, and matte black plumbing fixtures were the name of the game. We also painted those cherry cabinets, brightened up the yell0w-beige walls, and even replaced the door hardware and hinges. This alone would make the space feel fresh!  Next up was selecting the new fixtures. New

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How to Design a Beautiful Home with Wellness in Mind

Your home should be treated like your sanctuary and the place you feel most calm. A place where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and an overall sense of ease. Today’s post describes a few ways to to bring that feeling of wellness and relaxation to your space so you can leave the chaos outside. Kozy project: Cedar Park Chill, Photo by Avery Nicole Photography  1. The Nuances of Natural Design Time heals all wounds, and so does a stint outside. Incorporating natural elements into your home is an excellent way to bring a sense of wellness to your space. Look to any spa for inspiration and you’ll notice materials such as rattan, earthy tones, and woven elements. Kozy Project: South Lamar Renovation Photography by: Madeline Harper  2.

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High Point Recap- Kozy Spotted Trends

Let me preface this entire blog post by saying trends are something you should take very lightly. They come bas go and come back then go again. So, doing whatever you want with your home is what Kozy swears by. Trends are however a great source of inspiration, a good way to discover what do and what you don’t like, and above all else, trends are something fun to look about and talk about. We’ve all head the devastating news that skinny jeans are back, right? Ugh. Well, we’re currently seeing this *unfortunate* era that is the early 2000’s fashion in interiors as well. Only thing is, I actually like the interior trends from this decade. Instead of cringing at my outfit choices from middle

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3 Helpful Tips for Styling Photo-Ready Shelves, Tables & Consoles

Ever wonder why your space doesn’t feel “complete?” Well, design is in the details people! Which is why adding the final layer of decorative elements helps make your home shine. Below are Kozy’s top tips to styling like a pro. Tip #1: You Can’t Go Wrong with Groupings Odd numbers are your friend here. Start with groupings of 3 objects you want to style with, and then vary the heights of those objects. Try adding height by stacking books or trinket boxes and don’t forget to incorporate greenery! Tip #2: Inspire Visual Interest by Varying Your Item Heights Another styling tip is to also vary the colors and textures within your groupings. This will help add visual interest to your space, and avoid anything looking

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How to Choose the Best Fabric for Your Upholstery

Velvet, cotton, mohair, oh my! There are so many different types of fabric out there that I couldn’t possibly name them all. Fabrics all have their own qualities that make them better or worse for certain uses. Read on to learn how to select the best fabric for your upholstered furniture. 1. Start with the Function of the Piece While it can be tempting to first decide you want a mustard yellow velvet sofa (swoon!), it’s important to first establish what your needs for the furniture pieces are. Do you plan to eat on or entertain company with this furniture? Stain resistant and performance fabrics may be a priority for you. Or, maybe this piece will be aa focal element in your home where you

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Project Reveal: Jaw-Dropping Renovation in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX

Neon Kitten is a new Japanese cuisine-inspired Izakaya and Dim Sum house in the heart of Deep Ellum that holds a pretty cool secret. Behind the bookcase through the hall lies Blackbird Society, a speakeasy bar and cocktail lounge serving up flaming cocktails and tarot card readings. That’s right, this place is the coolest of the cool! Our Process & Project Launch This space was COMPLETELY transformed. We took it down to the studs to bring the owner’s vision to life. Bright, fun, colorful, but most of all…instagrammable. A few challenges along the way were expected but our major setback was dealing with the supply chain issues right in the heat of it. Having to re-select furnishings mid-way through once we realized nothing was getting

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How to Create a Cozy Home without Clutter

Too much clutter can make you feel anxious and disorganized and not enough can make your space feel cold and uninviting. So today I’m giving you 3 tips to help make your home feel cozy (ahem, kozy) without the clutter. 1. Amp Up the Cozy Texture Less is more, but you still need enough. Try layering different textures such as a knit throw with velvet throw pillows and other natural materials to your space. Layering different materials and textures will help create a cozy feel without the need for too many different items.   2. Opt for Warm, Grounding Colors Adding in different colors or tones can go a long way, too. While the all-white kitchen may never be out of style, try opting for a

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