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Designer vs. Decorator. What’s the difference?

Designer or Decorator, what’s the difference? While the terms interior designer and interior decorator are often used interchangeably, the roles they take on actually differ quite a bit. So, what is the difference between a designer and a decorator? Both work in the field of interior design but have different roles and responsibilities. Below were outlining the key differences between the professions so you’ll know who to call to help you with your next project. Licensing  An interior designer is a licensed professional who is trained to create functional and safe interior spaces that meet the needs of their clients. They have a deep understanding of design principles, building codes, and construction materials, and they may be involved in the design of entire buildings, including structural changes

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Rug Buying Guide

Rug Buying Guide  So, how do you choose the correct rug size for your space? We’re going to share some tips to ensure you get it right the first time, because getting the correct size can really tie the room together. Tip 1: Size The size and layout of the room will determine the proper sizing here. A rug that’s too small or too large will make the room look unbalanced, so getting it right is key. How? The golden rule is to allow the front legs of each furniture piece to rest on the rug. You don’t want the rug “floating” in the center without the legs of your sofa touching it. It should be right underneath your sofa and arm chairs, but not

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Design Tips for a Home Refresh

Design Tips for a Home Refresh   So, looking for a refresh without a major renovation? You’ve come to the right place. You don’t always need to embark on a major project to update your home, sometimes all you need is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Here are a few design tips to help you refresh your space for a new look and feel.  1. Rearrange Your Furniture Experiment with different arrangements to see how it changes the feel of your space. Sometimes, taking a piece of furniture and moving it to a different room can make all the difference. A little bit of leg work can go a long way without spending a dime!  And, the good news is

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Interior Design Styles 101: How to Pick the One that Matches Your Personality

Interior Design Styles 101 The interior of your home is like a time capsule, it reflects all the things you’ve learned to love over the years, your favorite color, objects that inspire you, and things that make you feel safe. There are no right or wrong answers when curating your space, as long as it feels like “you”! Step 1: Find Visual Inspiration Without Overthinking Take all the preconceived notions of what your home should be and leave them HERE. Next, head over to Pinterest, Google, or the stack of magazines you have laying around and build a board of designs you love. Research styles including traditional, historic, maximalist, mid-century, monochrome, cottage core, etc., and add anything that makes you smile onto the vision board.

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4 Big FAQs Most Designers Hear Over and Over Again

The interior design industry is often misunderstood. Some folks don’t realize all the work that goes into designing your dream space. Often, the hard work designers put it is overlooked and what we do is considered “shopping all day, how fun!” Well, yes, our job IS fun but there’s more to it than that. Read on to hear our answers to some of our most FAQ’s.  FAQ #1: Will you work with my builder or general contractor? Absolutely, positively, 1000% YES, we will. In fact, it’s a requirement to work with KozyKasa. If you are renovating or building a new construction home, it’s important that all parties involved work together to ensure the end design is exactly how it was indented to be. There are

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Pets & Furniture

The 3 Biggest Problem Areas in a Home with Pets and How to Avoid Issues Waking up in the morning to be greeted by a wagging tail and an undying excitement to tackle the day makes life better. Being a pet owner is worth every sacrifice that comes along with it, but lets not pretend that vacuuming the house for the fifth time this week was “just the best”. Our best friends have slobber, fur, long nails and a propensity for mud puddles. This is why we should consider how designing our home can include designing for our pets! Tip #1: Pick Performance Fabrics Whenever Possible This one is important, even if your pets aren’t allowed on the couch – they find a way. If

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3 Things Your Kitchen Island Needs but Might be Missing

3 Things Your Kitchen Island Needs but Might be Missing   Kitchen islands can transform not only your kitchen’s functionality but also the way your family and friends gather. Whether your priority is having space to complete your weekly meal prep or the ultimate wine night with the girls, we will help you design your ultimate kitchen island! Feature #1. Space for Lots of Seating Let’s start with the most important (but often forgotten) function of the kitchen island – seating! Choose your favorite bar stools (we have a blog post to help you select them!) and arrange them around your island. Select a backless design if you prefer to tuck them under the counter or go with a bucket-style design for extra comfort. Feature

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3 Features Builders and Designers Must Agree on in Custom Homes

3 Features that Builders and Designers Must Agree on in Custom Homes Kozy Project Leander Luxe Photography: Avery Nicole Photography Builder: Toll Brothers When investing in your new build, do not miss the opportunity to review your architectural drawings with a designer! The plans will allocate square footage to all spaces and note the location of windows, doors, power points, and light switches. Once the home is built it’s costly to alter walls or electric to accommodate the design changes you need. Below are our non-negotiable’s before beginning any new build. #1: A Plan for Practical Amenities Imagine walking into your foyer and having no place to hang your coats, or when your built-ins are 3″ short of fitting your TV, or the moment you

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What Home Improvement Shows Don’t Want You to Know About Real-Life Renovations

What Home Improvement Shows Don’t Want You to Know About Real-Life Renovations   You’re relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon indulging in some HGTV time. You see the stressed-out couple wanting to renovate their dysfunctional 2-bedroom home into a show-stopping, organized, 3-bedroom masterpiece while coming in $500 under budget all within 7 days! If they can do it, can’t you? Let’s slow down and take a look at how these home renovations actually work. . . Detail #1: The Design is Set Long Before Demo Day Let’s start at the beginning – demo is not a day 1 task. Designers begin projects developing various layout options to increase the functionality of the space while getting quotes from contractors to help keep you on budget.

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Our Top 5 Unique Sconces for Creating a Jewel-Box Powder Room

Our Top 5 Unique Sconces for Creating a Jewel-Box Powder Room   When designing your home, do not let your powder room become an after-thought. This small space can be transformed into a trove of beautiful objects and elements. Let your imagination run wild and we will help you find the perfect sconce to illuminate your space! Dazzle Me Wall Sconce The warmth of the bronze body combined with the crystal-inspired shade makes this sconce the perfect fit for any space. Combine with whimsical wallpaper and oversized mirror or add them in to elevate a more elegant or timeless design. Find yours here. Pod Of Light Wall Sconce Illuminate your space with this wrought iron sconce in a contemporary gold finish. Try pairing it with

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