3 Things Your Kitchen Island Needs but Might be Missing

3 Things Your Kitchen Island Needs but Might be Missing


Kitchen islands can transform not only your kitchen’s functionality but also the way your family and friends gather. Whether your priority is having space to complete your weekly meal prep or the ultimate wine night with the girls, we will help you design your ultimate kitchen island!

Feature #1. Space for Lots of Seating

Let’s start with the most important (but often forgotten) function of the kitchen island – seating! Choose your favorite bar stools (we have a blog post to help you select them!) and arrange them around your island. Select a backless design if you prefer to tuck them under the counter or go with a bucket-style design for extra comfort.

Photo by: Becca Murphy Kozy Project: East Side Bachelorette

Feature #2. Drawers Instead of Doors

Swap cabinet doors for drawers on your island to access your dishware and cookware with ease. This is also a great way to disguise your trash and recycling by adding a trash drawer that will hold the bins. Also, consider exchanging your plug-in microwave for a drawer-style microwave to free up counter space and reduce the look of clutter.

Photo by: Avery Nicole Kozy Project: ’04 Modern

Feature #3. Enough Outlets for the Electronics

Don’t be shy about adding extra outlets when updating your island. Use them to charge your phone or laptop or use appliances. If you want to keep them concealed or have young children, consider pop-up or pop-out outlets as an alternative.

Photo bt: Avery Nicole Kozy Project: Cedar Park Chill

Hopefully, these tips have you thinking about what else your kitchen island could become. Will you also add a wine fridge or a prep sink? Perhaps you’ll benefit from creating an alcove for your pet’s food and water dishes? There are endless possibilities when it comes to tailoring your home’s design to your lifestyle.

If you would like some support bringing your kitchen dreams to life, we can help. Reach out and let’s get to know each other.

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