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The 3 Biggest Problem Areas in a Home with Pets and How to Avoid Issues

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Waking up in the morning to be greeted by a wagging tail and an undying excitement to tackle the day makes life better. Being a pet owner is worth every sacrifice that comes along with it, but lets not pretend that vacuuming the house for the fifth time this week was “just the best”. Our best friends have slobber, fur, long nails and a propensity for mud puddles. This is why we should consider how designing our home can include designing for our pets!

Tip #1: Pick Performance Fabrics Whenever Possible

This one is important, even if your pets aren’t allowed on the couch – they find a way. If you’re selecting new furniture be sure to consider performance fabrics that resist stains or easy wear. If you are keeping your existing furniture but need a lift, select washable slipcovers. With both of these options, consider matching the color you choose to match your pet’s fur (think white fur on a black sofa-no thanks)! In our Leander Luxe project, we opted for a performance fabric sectional that will stand the test of time, wine, and paws 🙂

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Kozy Project: Leander Luxe Photography by Avery Nicole. Performance fabric sectional

Tip #2: Select Smart Flooring for Every Room

There are great flooring options that will fit your taste and your pet’s toes. LVP (luxury vinyl plank) or LVT (luxury vinyl tile)  are durable and waterproof options that can withstand your dog’s nails in a way hardwoods cannot. Tile, concrete or or even cork have their benefits too but a designer can help you review the pros and cons of each option. In our Cedar Park Chill project, we chose a medium toned LVP for the flooring throughout the house and added a nice runner in the entry for some pizazz.

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Kozy Project: Cedar Park Chill Photography by Avery Nicole. LVP flooring protected by a runner

Tip #3: Place Extra Protection on the Floors

Area rugs and runners are not just eye-candy for us, they can work for out pets too. They can provide an extra layer of protection over our floors in paths of travel, especially close to doors where mud or debris can be easily tracked in. Consider options that are durable and perhaps patterned options to disguise hair or marks between washes.

Living in harmony with your pets can be as easy as a few new design decisions or modifications.performance furniture with pet

With love from the Kozy intern xoxoxo 

If you’re ready for an expert to redesign your home with the four-legged members of your family in mind, Kozy’s got your back! Get in touch today to discuss your future project. 

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