Interior Design Styles 101: How to Pick the One that Matches Your Personality


Interior Design Styles 101

The interior of your home is like a time capsule, it reflects all the things you’ve learned to love over the years, your favorite color, objects that inspire you, and things that make you feel safe. There are no right or wrong answers when curating your space, as long as it feels like “you”!

Step 1: Find Visual Inspiration Without Overthinking

Take all the preconceived notions of what your home should be and leave them HERE. Next, head over to Pinterest, Google, or the stack of magazines you have laying around and build a board of designs you love. Research styles including traditional, historic, maximalist, mid-century, monochrome, cottage core, etc., and add anything that makes you smile onto the vision board.

Step 2: Determine the Common Thread Between Each Image

Take a good look at the board you have created and ask yourself what is repeating. Is it a color? Is it curved lines or geometric shapes? Is it simplicity and minimalism or collections of knick-knacks against a bold backdrop? Do you appreciate humor in a space or are you timeless and sophisticated? Make a list of your common denominators and keep it handy.

Step 3: Begin a Concept Board Based on Theme & Style

With a fresh board, import the images that show the repetition we touched on above. Using this as your guide, continue adding images with similar qualities to the board and consider finishes, texture, color, and style as you go. Remember, your style can evolve so don’t feel like your style always needs to be the same! Before you purchase anything new for your space ask yourself these questions:

1. Where will it go? Have a place for each new purchase instead of just buying randomly in hopes you’ll have a home for it.

2. Does it fit the style of my mood board and other items in my home? If it’s too random chances are it will stay hidden in a closet.

3. Do I have to have it? Much like making  any major life decision, try to sleep on it and if you wake up still thinking about it, then you know it’s the right buy. 

If you’re feeling like your vision is still a bit disjointed, we are here to pick up the pieces and solidify your vision. We love learning more about our clients and offering design solutions they may not have thought of themselves.

Ready to start planning your one-of-a-kind dream space? Let’s chat!

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