What Home Improvement Shows Don’t Want You to Know About Real-Life Renovations


What Home Improvement Shows Don’t Want You to Know About Real-Life Renovations


You’re relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon indulging in some HGTV time. You see the stressed-out couple wanting to renovate their dysfunctional 2-bedroom home into a show-stopping, organized, 3-bedroom masterpiece while coming in $500 under budget all within 7 days! If they can do it, can’t you? Let’s slow down and take a look at how these home renovations actually work. . .

Detail #1: The Design is Set Long Before Demo Day

Let’s start at the beginning – demo is not a day 1 task. Designers begin projects developing various layout options to increase the functionality of the space while getting quotes from contractors to help keep you on budget. After securing the layout, finish options are proposed and finalized for any flooring, tilework, paint, or fixtures that will need to be installed during the construction phase of your project.

Detail #2: The Timeline is Reasonable & Well-Thought-Out

TV design shows are typically shot in just a week or two, requiring around-the-clock crews to work alongside and on top of each other to condense timelines. A designer can help you set a realistic timeline depending on the scope of work you need to be done. Design development, procurement, construction and installation all within business hours will take time and patience.

Detail #3: The Investment is Inclusive of All Materials & Labor

When starting a large project, one of the first questions that come to mind is “How much will this cost?”. TV shows typically do not account for the extensive work of the designer developing and managing the project or labor from construction crews. Don’t forget the cost of housing if you don’t wish to live in a construction zone!

Is there a significant project you are hoping to tackle in the next year? Reach out to us ahead of time to make sure you understand the process, timeline, and investment involved.

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