3 Unique Aspects of Post-Pandemic Homes


The year 2020 changed everything. We can all attest to 2020 being a hard year at varying levels and for various reasons. The silver lining? It gave many of us a new perspective on our daily lives, our homes, and how much we need to interact with other humans. It is no surprise that the three biggest changes we are seeing in new construction and home remodels include home office spaces, multi-functional kitchens, and higher ceilings.

After over a year of feeling sequestered and isolated, homeowners are (tipping our hats to Meghan Trainor) all about that space.

  1. The Office

Home Office

Spending less time in a “real” office and more time working from home has led to a huge need for actual home office space. Setting up the laptop at the kitchen island or dining room table just doesn’t cut it. (Awkward Zoom call interruptions have to stop, kids!)

When we are remodeling for a client with home office needs, we can easily turn a lesser-used space into a permanent office. To help optimize the available square footage within the home we take areas like that large hall closet or the unused walk-in closet to create the perfect “cloffice.” Since our clients usually prefer a designated room with a door that can be locked we also outfit their new office with custom built-ins, cabinetry, and all the best amenities of a cushy, corner office. Often, home plans now include two office spaces for adult use and one school/study room for kids.

  1. The Kitchen

Kitchen DesignPhotography: Avery Nicole Photo  Design by KozyKasa

Forever the hub of activity in a home, the kitchen has gotten a functional and aesthetic makeover. Double islands for cooking and entertaining, extra counter/bar height seating, open shelves for decorative wares, and glass cabinet doors have made the kitchen of today a dynamic experience.

Bigger pantries and mini-kitchens off the main kitchen (known as a butler’s pantry, scullery, or serving pantry) are reminiscent of historic builds with everything the modern homeowner could desire. The average homeowner has gone from merely “crash landing” in their house between work and activities to actually dwelling in the home.

Bigger PantriesPhotography: Avery Nicole Photo  Design by KozyKasa 

  1. The Ceiling

When it comes to ceiling height, more is MORE. That is why today’s new builds and renovations include spacious ceiling styles that span the height of 10-13 feet or more.

Ceiling HeightPhotography: Avery Nicole Photo  Design by KozyKasa 

Popular ceiling styles include vaulted, beamed, barrel, tray, coffered, coved, and sloped. In spaces with a modern or industrial aesthetic, the ceiling might be “exposed,” leaving the HVAC and electrical systems visible.

Farmhouse FreshPhotography: Avery Nicole Photo  Design by KozyKasa 

DESIGN-BUILD TREND | Farmhouses are still fresh.

The farmhouse aesthetic isn’t going anywhere for a long time. Board and batten vertical siding, painted/white brick, stone, large windows, exposed beams, and butcher block islands are just a few of the many charming aspects of farmhouse design. It is our most-requested building style for a reason!

Design by KozyKasa 

DESIGN-BUILD TIP | Build for the long-term.

Do you have aging parents? Worried about senior care? Consider adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to your new build or remodel. This small, separate house matches your main house and allows your loved one to have the independence and privacy of their own space while knowing a helping hand is always at the ready.

accessory dwelling unitPhotography: Avery Nicole Photo  Design by KozyKasa


Stay Kozy ya’ll!


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