5 Window Treatment Combinations that Elevate Your Home’s Style

Curtains or shades? Or blinds or drapes? And what’s the difference? If you’ve ever wondered where, when, why, or how to dress your windows trust me that you’re not alone. Window treatments can be tricky and deciding which to use were even more so. Below are 5 window treatment combos to consider for your home.

1. Layer Linen Curtains with Sheer Curtains

Layering window treatment styles add a layer (pun intended) of elegance to your home. This can be done with different fabrics, like pairing a linen drape with a sheer overlay. Light filtering and room darkening when you need it, it’s a win-win combo for me.

Linen Curtains with Sheer Curtains

2. Combine Curtains with Roller Shades

Another winning combo is drapery panels with roller shades. The shades act as privacy when down, and when rolled up the drapery panel ends still have the window dressed. This makes for a stunning pair and is often something we see done in bedrooms.

Roller Shades

3. Select Sheer Roman Shades with Blackout Curtains

When it comes to drapery panels, the lightest blocking and privacy giving option is a full blackout. Again often done in bedrooms, I like pairing these with a sheer roman shade, so that you can allow light into the room during the daytime hours.

Roman Shades with Black Out Curtains

4. Blend Blinds with Curtains

Another example of a great window treatment pairing is blinds and curtains. Blinds are more traditional but are still seen in many new build homes. Horizontal wooden blinds aren’t uncommon either. Pairing a window with both blinds and curtain panels gives you plenty of light filtering or room darkening options.

Blend blinds with Curtains

5. Choose Curtains with Shutters

And finally, shutters. Not to be confused with blinds, shutters have a more Southern-style influence and are great for more formal areas like dining and sitting rooms. This look paired with curtain panels adds some charm and elegance all at the same time.

Southern Style

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