How to Create a Cozy Home without Clutter

Too much clutter can make you feel anxious and disorganized and not enough can make your space feel cold and uninviting. So today I’m giving you 3 tips to help make your home feel cozy (ahem, kozy) without the clutter.

1. Amp Up the Cozy Texture

Less is more, but you still need enough. Try layering different textures such as a knit throw with velvet throw pillows and other natural materials to your space. Layering different materials and textures will help create a cozy feel without the need for too many different items.

Cozy Texture


Warm and Grounding
2. Opt for Warm, Grounding Colors

Adding in different colors or tones can go a long way, too. While the all-white kitchen may never be out of style, try opting for a more colorful palette in other areas of your house. Earthy tones like rust, dark greens and even mustards are my favorite. Is monochromatic still your jam? Using the tip from above, be sure to add different textures in the same color family for the added layer of cozy.

colorful palette

3. Evoke Cozy Feelings with Warm Scents

Color and texture isn’t the only element to cozy. Scented candles are a powerful tool and who doesn’t love having a candle burn while they cozy up on the couch? Ambers, sandalwood and cedar are some of my favorite candle smells.

Scented Candles
If you have the option, putting your lights on dimmers are a game-changer too. Dim light with candles, throws, and warm colors are the ultimate key to cozy.

Stay kozy,

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