How to Instantly Refresh Your Home Without a Complete Renovation

Refreshing your home doesn’t always have to mean a full renovation and all new furniture. Sometimes, a few small tweaks and updates are all you need to make it feel refreshed and inviting.

1. Wonderful Window Treatments

Window treatments are a priority in any space in the home. They help make a room feel complete, dressed, and welcoming, and not always for the formal rooms in your home. If you don’t have them already let’s start there. Blinds or shades are always a good bet for light filtering, but adding drapery on top of that is like hitting a home run.

Window TreatmentsPhotography: Becca Murphy Photo Project: Eastside Bachelorette 

2. Updated Upholstery

Ever sit on an uncomfortable couch, or have the feathers of a pillow poke you in the face? Well, the types of fabrics and materials used in your space make all the difference. Opt for soft to the touch and performance grade fabrics, so that they hold up to wear and tear and are comfortable to relax on for longer periods of time. Anything that looks faded or worn out should be replaced with something that will last you longer.

Updated UpholsteryPhotography: Becca Murphy Photo Project: Eastside Bachelorette 

3. Pretty Pillows & Beautiful Blankets

Don’t be afraid to mix it up! If you have a furniture set now, consider changing out one of the two matching sofas or chairs for example. This will help the space feel more relaxed because it’s not so match-y match-y, while also helping pull in your personality and style into the decor. Adding 2-3 colors and mixing large with smaller scale patterns is a rule of thumb to follow in styling.

Beautiful Pillows and BlanketsPhotography: Becca Murphy Photo Project: Eastside Bachelorette 

4. Attractive Area Rugs

An area rug is not only for decor purposes but adds a layer of softness to any space. In large multi-purpose rooms and open floorplan-type spaces, they also help anchor one area of the room and soften echoes. They help you create “a room within a space” as I would say.

Area RugsPhotography: Avery Nicole Photography  Project: Leander Luxe 

5. Fresh Spaces, Not Forgotten

An often forgotten space is your entryway. Adding a runner, console table, and mirror will help the space feel inviting but also keep it functional. On top of the console table, place a bowl or tray for keys, and underneath try adding baskets for dog leashes or shoes. A mirror will help any narrow space feel larger, and pairing this with a table lamp will reflect the light to make the space feel big!

EntrywayPhotography: KozyKasa Project: Condo Refresh 

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