Project Reveal-Leander Luxe

Project Reveal-Leander Luxe

A casually-cool modern inspired project reveal.


When deciding to purchase a new construction home from a builder in the town of Leander, Texas, just minutes outside of Austin, the clients knew right away they would change up the finishes and fixtures that came along with it. Looping me in from the start, we were able to design the space with the items in mind that would eventually replace what the home was built with. In doing this we gave the home a more unique and modern look, and one that was tailored to the clients specifically.

Design by KozyKasa Photography Avery Nicole Photo Styling Lindsay Hinkle

Project Deets

We started by updating with the finishes, paint colors, and fixtures throughout the entire home. From there we moved into furnishings, décor, and a few designer elements like wallpaper in a few areas.

The house itself is entirely open concept, AND it’s huge. This meant that furniture had to be large scale to help fill the space but without making it too crowded. We accomplished this by using sleek and modern style furniture with slim profiles, but that was big enough to fill a room.

Project Inspo

Working with clients who have great taste is a big help! The creative process was a fun and collaborative one. We mixed textures, patterns, and colors throughout to make the home feel lived in even though it’s brand new.

Kozy’s Favorite Space

I love them all, but I’d have to say the dining room. The views go on for days so having a naturally beautiful backdrop really helped with the design. I love the cabinets so much that we decided to put two side by side to fill the room up. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my heart set on the same dining table in my own space on day.

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