How to Design a Bathroom that is Equal Parts Functional and Fabulous

A beautiful bathroom design….but with no countertop space. Sound familiar? Design is equal parts beauty and function, so knowing how a bathroom (or any space) will be used prior to the design process is critical in ensuring that clutter doesn’t ugly-fy your new pretty space.

Functional and Fabulous Bathroom

Step #1 – Account for the Amount of Stuff that Must be Stored

Before you dive into your bathroom reno, I encourage you to take inventory of all your “stuff” that you use daily and then declutter anything that you haven’t touched in a while. This will make the new bathroom you design more functional knowing that every one of your products has a spot.


In this future space we’ve added recessed medicine cabinets into the walls to allow for product storage. They also have electrical outlets inside for any electric razors and toothbrushes. Big win!

Step #2 – Consider the Size of the Cabinetry that Makes Sense

When it comes to the drawers vs. cabinet debate, Kozy says the mix is key. Drawers allow for shallow storage and cabinets have room for larger items that need to be stored. Be sure you leave enough room to walk around your bathroom too, you don’t want to have your floor space feel cluttered in a brand new space.

Custom Cabinetry

Step #3 – Remember the Value of Vertical Space for Storage

Now that you’ve got your drawers vs. cabinets decided, take note if there’s any additional unused space. Here, we’ve decided to recess into the otherwise blank wall above the tub a little bit to add some built-in shelving for, you guessed it, more storage! Vertical space should never be underrated and utilizing your space in smart ways is the key to function.Design Finishes

Step #4 – Select Finishes Based on Style and Stage of Life

Once you have the main design elements down it’s time to move on to the more decorative accents. Cabinets knobs or drawer pulls, or both is another aspect you may never think of until it’s time to make the decision. My golden rule is this: knobs on doors pull on drawers…do with that info what you wish!


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Stay Kozy ya’ll.


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