9 Wallpaper Myths Debunked

Ohhh wallpaper. So outdated right? Wrong! Wallpaper is back baby and in a BIG way. We’re loving bold patterns and colorful prints as a warm welcome into your space. Wallpaper is a great way to let your personality shine, so go one…shine!

Wallpaper Design

Wallpaper has come a long way since the days of grandma’s plaid border in the kitchen. Now we’re seeing tons of textures, fun prints, even mixed media! Trust us-Kozy wouldn’t lead you wrong. Here are 9 wallpaper myths debunked to get you thinking about a new way to style your home.

1. Wallpaper is Far from Outdated

We love using wallpaper as an accent feature in any room. Whether it’s behind your headboard, in your powder bath, or having some fun in the laundry room, you can “go bold or go home,” or play it safe with a textured grasscloth. Either way will add a little oomph to your space.

Wallpaper as an Accent Feature

2. Wallpaper is Not the Commitment it Used to Be

Nowadays there’s peel and stick wallpaper if you really don’t want to commit, or if you do and go for the real deal, it’s easy enough to remove on your own and replace. This should be fun and make an impact!

3. Wallpaper is Not Solely Feminine

In this powder bathroom designed by Kozy, this bold printed wallpaper makes a huge impact in a small space. It takes it from builder grade boring to modern eclectic. And this is only ONE example of the cool patterns that are on the market today. Oh, and did we mention this is a SPEC Home? See, wallpaper is for everyone.

Wallpaper Powder Bathroom

4. Wallpaper is Not Always Busy

But, if prints like this aren’t your jam there are still wonderful solids and less bold patterns out there. A grasscloth, leather texture, even brick wall texture wallpaper is all available nowadays so take your pick.

Texture Wallpaper

5. Wallpaper is No Longer Limiting

Mixing patterns and colors in multiple different papers is a great way to add some fun to your home. The famous Beverly Hills Hotel even has a different theme in every room, all done with different wallpapers!

Wallpaper Designs

6. Wallpaper and Modern Style Can Mix

Back in the day wallpaper wasn’t as high quality as it is now. There’s paper lined with a vinyl backing making it perfect for a steamy bathroom or even in the kitchen without worrying about it peeling on the edges.

7. Wallpaper is a Perfect Backdrop for Artwork

Just because you’re using wallpaper in your space doesn’t mean it has to take center stage. It can complement any artwork, wall color, furniture, or rug pattern and just act as a complimentary design feature.

Wallpaper a perfect backdrop for artwork

8. Wallpaper is Not as Labor-Intensive as One Might Think

We talked about the peel and stick wallpapers that are out there now, but there’s also a paper that comes pre-pasted making it even easier to hang that the days of the past. Most walls don’t take any prep work (some do, think textured walls or orange peel) but hey, it still is less time-consuming than taping off the ceiling and outlets before you paint.

9. Wallpaper of Today is Very Eco-Friendly

Lots of wallpaper is made from sustainable materials as well, unlike most paints out there. Papers made from cork, parchment, grass, and even rice are more environmentally friendly than VOC emissions from certain paints and other materials. All the more reason to at least consider adding some into your next design.

Let your personality shine! Wallpaper isn’t much of an investment and can always be changed down the line if your style or aesthetic changes. Because it’s a minimal investment it’s a great way to have some fun and show off your style in a less permanent way.

Did we miss something? Tell us about your best wallpaper experience in the comments below!

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