Design Project Timelines: What You Need to Know

There are so many factors when it comes to any design project that there is no “one fits all” project timeline. Factors such as scope, client decisiveness, product lead times, and construction delays all play a role in crossing the finish line.

Today, I’m sharing 5 steps to take to help determine how long your dream home will take.

1. Consult the Pros

We do this for a living so chances are, your design team will have a better idea of any project timeline from just a few conversations. Be sure to fill out any questionnaire given to you and answer any questions with any and all details so that there will be no surprises mid-way through construction.

At Kozy, our first step is always always a discovery call with a potential client. We can learn more details in a matter of 20 minutes than you might think. From there we’ll have our initial design consultation where we get into the nitty-gritty details like your budget, style, must-haves, etc. After this meeting, we define the scope of work and provide an estimated timeline for completion. Don’t hold back any details now!

2. Determine the Scope

So what exactly is the scope of work? The scope defines every single detail Kozy will touch on during the project. We like to break it apart by room and, if it’s a full home then we also separate it by floors. In each room, we break down if it’s just furnishings and what kind, any construction and how much, or a paint refresh and smaller decor pieces. Again, don’t hold back any details because anything outside of this scope won’t be included in your project fee.

We do this for a living so by now Kozy has a pretty good idea of how long 1 room with full furnishings will take vs. a full home. A good rule of thumb is one month per space, not including furniture lead-times. The industry has experienced some massive shipping delays this year so you can never start the ordering process too soon.

3. Factor in Lead Times

Shipping delays? Oh my! Industries across the board have all been impacted by Mrs. Pandemic which of course is beyond anyone’s control. Aside from that giant elephant though, other factors that could cause delays are the client changing their mind, permit delays from the construction team, unexpected discoveries during a renovation, etc. What’s that rule….pack half of what you think you’ll need and double the amount of money you think you’ll spend.

Since all projects are different, it’s important for Kozy to have all the information for all parties involved from the start. Architects, builders, contractors, engineers, etc. The best outcome for you is when all trades work cohesively together and are all on the same page throughout the process. This is how we can give you the most accurate timeline before starting your project so you know whether to plan on hosting Thanksgiving this year or throwing that New Years’ Eve Party instead.

4. Understand All Schedules

Like we said above, any and all parties involved in your project should be in cahoots. Again, this makes for the best outcome for you and the project as a whole.

At Kozy we are open to working with any trades looped in by the client. We do not have our own construction team so it’s best to make sure that all trades have similar availability before starting your project.

5. Prepare to be Flexible

Project timeless are always an estimate and never exact. We usually come pretty close though. That said, prepare for the expected. Renovations can hold ugly secrets behind walls that won’t be revealed until you try to knock them down, asbestos anyone?

Another example is finding mold in your shower walls when removing old tile to replace it with some cool new tile. You of course want to remove this which 1. will increase your timeline and 2. will be an unexpected cost. Things like this happen and it’s nothing to worry about, bringing in a team of pros is what this is for.

We do this for a living and handle all the dirty work so you don’t have to worry. The result in the end is always worth the effort, my friends!

Stay Kozy xx

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