How to Design a Social Outdoor Living Space

We’ve all been couped up for FAR too long, and now that things are semi back to normal, ish, people are ready to get back to some socially distanced back yard entertaining! Below are our top tips to make your outdoor space kozy and inviting.

Step 1: Carefully Consider How the Space will be Used

Do you plan to host *socially distanced* events or gatherings? Or, do you see yourself and the kiddos soaking up the sun and splashing in the pool? It’s important to really visualize how you really see yourself enjoying your space and designing around the vision. No sense in creating an outdoor kitchen if you never plan to BBQ.

Outdoor Living Space

Step 2: Start Layering from the Ground Up

Start with your big piece, your ride-or-die, your main chick. In other words, I suggest choosing the most important piece to you and going from there. Is the outdoor sectional your main priority? Or is it the pool loungers? Once you outline your priorities you’ll have a good idea of where to start and what to spend your bucks on.

Layer from the Ground Up

Step 3: Opt for Durable Outdoor Furniture

Performance fabrics are your new BFF. These are fabrics that are weather safe and highly durable. They don’t fade in the sun as much and can stand any ice cream spillage or hail storm they encounter. Depending on where you live and the type of weather that comes your way, investing in a weather-safe fabric for your cushions is the easiest way to ensure your new furniture will last from season to season.

Outdoor Furniture

Step 4: Don’t Skimp on Quality and Comfort

Treat your outdoor space like you would your indoor space.  Just because it’s outside doesn’t mean it should get any less special treatment than your living room. Thinking about skimping on that area rug because it’ll just “get dirty?” DON’T! Think you don’t need any ambient lighting because of the *moon* Wrong! No throw pillows outside because people don’t really care? LOL, yes we do. By adding in similar décor and accessory pieces to your outdoor space as your indoor space, it helps to create a cozy and inviting feel so that you actually want to spend some time outdoors.

Quality and Comfort

Step 5: Add Some Naturally Beautiful Finishing Touches

Use the landscape as your inspiration for your outdoor space. If you have some amazing views take advantage! Low-profile furniture that won’t block is a great way to do this. If your space is pretty large, try creating two separate spaces, such as a living and dining area to fill it up. Really utilizing your entire space will help make it feel put together.

Finishing Touches

Have a question about styling your outdoor space? Leave us a comment and we’d be delighted to answer!

Stay Kozy ya’ll,


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