Design Trend Predictions After A Couple Days in Vegas

Kozy’s Trend Predictions-Winter 2021

The fall is upon us, well ok, not really BUT it’ll be here before you know it. And with the changing of seasons always come new trends in the design world. After attending the Spring Las Vegas Market last week I saw sooo many cool new things to be excited for! Below are what I predict to be huge in the coming months.

  1. Contrasting welts. What a cool way to add some visual interest!
  2. Green couches. I feel like we already knew this, but for whatever reason, 50 shades of green are having their glamour moment.
  3. That’s right baby! Plaid is back and I am HERE for it! We knew the 90s were back in style and if shoulder pads don’t make you blink an eye, why would plaid.
  4. Organic Shapes. From clean lines to…not. I love this!
  5. Mixed shapes. Different from above, I also predict a lot of mixes in furniture shapes. Think square top round base. Loves it.
  6. Mixed materials. Mixes on mixes. A square concrete top with a glass round base table anyone? Why be boring! loving the idea of using something usually seen as an accent as the main feature.
  7. Statement lamps. Lighting but make it fun! Kozy always likes to incorporate one statement piece in any space, as in one that is a talking feature. Absolutely loving the idea of using something usually seen as an accent as the main feature.
  8. Tribal Print. This is back but in a good way, trust. Before it got wayyyy over done and a little too boho, too teenager esq. But now it’s back and chicer than ever.
  9. Art Deco Glam. We’ve seen the trends go from minimalism to maximalism to gran millennial and now to…art deco. HASHTAG YES.
  10. Lots and lots of texture. Whether it’s on a throw pillow or the sofa itself, nothing will be boring this season.
  11. And one for good luck…FRINGE! Kozy lovessssss fringe on anything, but especially this pair of black booties I’ve had for years and years. Honestly so into this, I could cry.

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