High Point Recap- Kozy Spotted Trends

Let me preface this entire blog post by saying trends are something you should take very lightly. They come bas go and come back then go again. So, doing whatever you want with your home is what Kozy swears by. Trends are however a great source of inspiration, a good way to discover what do and what you don’t like, and above all else, trends are something fun to look about and talk about.

We’ve all head the devastating news that skinny jeans are back, right? Ugh. Well, we’re currently seeing this *unfortunate* era that is the early 2000’s fashion in interiors as well. Only thing is, I actually like the interior trends from this decade. Instead of cringing at my outfit choices from middle and high school I rejoice thinking about home and architecture styles.  I always say look to the runway to see what’s coming back for interiors because those fashionistas are usually one step ahead.

So alas, here are three trends Kozy spotted this year at High Point that I think we’ll be seeing A LOT of v soon.

Trend #1 : SHAPES

Wood shapes, curves, oblong, organic, waves. All of the above really! Yep, I noted tons of curved wood accents on sideboards, unique shaped coffee and dining tables, wavy seat cushions on sofas and more. Using shades as a way to add visual interest will be a big one this year. I also noticed a lot of accent details such as leather straps, contrasting welts and mixed fabrics on the same piece of furniture. I’m here for it!

Shop Kozy’s picks for organic shapes below!

Shapes Collection

Trend #2: BOLD

*ahem* If you know me by now you know I always say “go bold for go home.”  Welp! Looks like High Point was listening. Jewel tones are making a comeback with this years top color being none other than….purple! Purple in all hues. 5-year-old Kristin would (and is) obsessed with this. I would suggest incorporating any bold hue of your liking on a statement piece of furniture, and mixing in neutral hues and other natural elements to bring a modern yet bohemian design to life.


Ok, Kozy may be a bit biased here because this is the style I tend to always gravitate toward anyway, BUT I will say, this year the antiques area was PACKED compared to previous years. Thanks, it was my mom’s in the 80s.  In general, lots of worldly looking wood decor (dough bowls anyone?), antique furniture, and a general sense of mixing old & new. Fingers crossed this one sticks around a while because I can’t get enough!

On the hunt for your own home? You can shop Kozy’s picks for global & vintage inspired decor below!

Global Inspired Kitchen Decor

Global Influence & Antiques Collection

Attending markets like High Point are always such a whirlwind and how us designers get inspired, connect with others in our industry, and learn how to bring our clients the best end result in their design. I hope you found my spotted trends helpful and unique! Until next year, stay kozy!



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