3 Helpful Tips for Styling Photo-Ready Shelves, Tables & Consoles

Ever wonder why your space doesn’t feel “complete?” Well, design is in the details people! Which is why adding the final layer of decorative elements helps make your home shine. Below are Kozy’s top tips to styling like a pro.

Project Neon Kitten, Photography by Aaron Doughterty

Tip #1: You Can’t Go Wrong with Groupings

Odd numbers are your friend here. Start with groupings of 3 objects you want to style with, and then vary the heights of those objects. Try adding height by stacking books or trinket boxes and don’t forget to incorporate greenery!

Project Industrial Elmira. Photography by Avery Nicole

Tip #2: Inspire Visual Interest by Varying Your Item Heights

Another styling tip is to also vary the colors and textures within your groupings. This will help add visual interest to your space, and avoid anything looking too bland. Remember to leave some negative space so your shelves don’t look too crowded!

Project Leander Luxe. Photography by Avery Nicole

Tip #3: Style Your Sections Asymmetrically

Lastly, whatever you did on the left side of your shelves, you shouldn’t do on the right. That’s right, you’ll want to make sure not to style the exact same way on both ends of your shelves, otherwise you may make your home look like a retail store. Have fun here and mix it up!

We hope that helps! Leave a comment below letting Kozy know how you did. And if all else fails, we’re only a phone call away!


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