How to Design a Beautiful Home with Wellness in Mind


Your home should be treated like your sanctuary and the place you feel most calm. A place where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and an overall sense of ease. Today’s post describes a few ways to to bring that feeling of wellness and relaxation to your space so you can leave the chaos outside.
How to Design a Beautiful HomeKozy project: Cedar Park Chill, Photo by Avery Nicole Photography 

1. The Nuances of Natural Design

Time heals all wounds, and so does a stint outside. Incorporating natural elements into your home is an excellent way to bring a sense of wellness to your space. Look to any spa for inspiration and you’ll notice materials such as rattan, earthy tones, and woven elements.

Kozy Project: South Lamar Renovation Photography by: Madeline Harper 

2. The Fundamentals of Functional Design

A home that has wellness in mind likely feels very “easy.” That is, the home layout doesn’t interfere with your daily routine, has a place for everything, and overall has an easy flow to it. Thinking of ways to make your home work with you rather than against you is a great way to bring that wellness peace of mind. A great example of this is an entry way “drop zone” for your keys, shoes, dog leashes, etc. But, say you come in through the garage door more often. Create the drop zone with a small console table, wall hooks, and/or storage baskets by your main entry point to make your home work better for you.

Kozy Project: South Lamar Renovation Photography by: Madeline Harper

3. The Must-Haves of Sensory Design

Wellness is a multi-sensory experience involving body and mind, and spirit. Scented candles, potpourri, and even incense are all great ideas to add to your home design. Another tip is to think of ways to make your home visually appealing. My favorite element to incorporate-house plants! This is a double whammy as house plants can help filter your air for a fresher scent in your home.

Kozy Project: Cedar Park Chill Photo by: Avery Nicole Photography 

We just scratched the surface here in terms of wellness design. Dig deeper to see what feels right to you! Spas and nature are a great place to look for inspiration. And don’t forget to make your home work with you, not against you!

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