Living Room Must-Haves

1. Area Rug

Don’t let potential red wine stains scare you away from adding a big rug to your space. Seriously, the bigger the better. Kind of. Not only does an area rug pull the whole room together, it’s an easy way to add some color or pattern to your home as well.  To make sure you order the right size, you’ll want to be sure that the front legs of each piece of furniture will be touching the rug. Also, make sure you have no floating furniture meaning that every piece of furniture in the room will be touching the rug. No outliers!

Image Via Emily HendersonImage Via Emily Henderson

2. Speaking of Floating

Make sure you have something under your tv even if it’s mounted on the wall. That could be a credenza, tv console, or whatever you want to call it. The only rule is that it must be wider than the tv.  Not only will this make that space feel complete, it will also look more aesthetically pleasing while Netflix and Chilling (the literal definition) from the couch. Then go ahead and decorate as you wish!

Image via Driven By DecorImage via Driven By Decor

3. Green is the new black

Yep, I’m talking about plants! Plants are another great addition to your living room because there are literally so many sizes and varieties to choose from. If you have some floating shelves that need a little updating, try adding small succulents to bring some freshness into the space. If you need a little something more in a corner of the room, then a fiddle leaf fig would be perfect!

Image Via Image Via

4. Coffee table & books

Obviously, adding a coffee table to a living room is a huge necessity, not only for the look, but for the mere functionality of the room itself. Now remember, a living room is not meant to be a formal space, so bear in mind that you’ll probably want a table that can handle a little “tough love” (i.e. stains, used as an ottoman, karaoke stage during the company holiday party…). No judgment here. Adding coffee table books is a fun way to add a little décor to the space, and can double as a conversation piece as well! My favorites are linked below, but you can basically find a coffee table book for any topic you want!

Image Via Fashion JacksonImage Via Fashion Jackson

5. Curtains

If you have a living room with windows, you’re definitely going to need curtains.  Please, please, please make sure the curtains you choose touch the floor. Your curtain rod should be hung close to the ceiling (yes, that high), and the curtains need to come all the way to the floor. This will help elongate the room and make it seem more spacious.

Image Via TwoTwentyOne Image Via TwoTwentyOne

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