Environmentally Kozy-Part 2

Here we are again! Even more ways to keep the planet green and do some good. If you didn’t see part one from last week go read our previous post and get your Amazon Prime ready.

1.     “Hi, I’ll have a venti-no foam-half-caf latte with extra plastic, thanks!” I know, I know, we all need our morning coffee in order to function like normal human beings, BUT one easy way we can contribute to a healthier environment is to start using reusable coffee cups. Whether you’re making your morning macchiato at home or driving through your favorite brew station, a reusable coffee cup is an inexpensive and easy way to reduce the amount of single-use plastic floating around. Below are links to two options that I found, and both are cute, stylish, and eco-friendly!


            Website www.jococups.com

keep cup.png

              Website: www.keepcup.com

2.     Raise your hand if you’ve ever had some questionable produce sitting in your fridge stuffed inside one of those flimsy plastic bags you got during your last grocery run…no, just me? Well here’s an eco-friendly solution to that problem. Mesh produce bags! What an easy way to reduce the amount of plastic in your home, and also a good way to keep your fridge a little more organized!

Website. www.ecowaare.com

simple ecology.jpgsimple ecology.jpg

Website: www.simpleecology.com

 3.     Quick question for you-paper or plastic? If you answered “neither,” you’re correct! Since we’re on the topic of groceries, why not add a few reusable shopping bags into the mix? Baggu has the cutest (literally, THE CUTEST) printed reusable shopping bags that would be the perfect addition to your environmentally friendly lifestyle. From a pink cactus flower print to a bag covered with dogs (may have just ordered that one!), you really can’t go wrong! Just be prepared while you’re shopping, the next question you’ll be asked is, “Where is that bag from?!”



4.      Remember those mechanical pencils that we constantly had to load up with tiny pieces of lead and hope we could write a full sentence without the lead snapping in half? Well, I found an even better writing utensil for you to use-(I know, hard to believe but stay with me!) Sprout Pencils! This amazing company found a way to produce a pencil that you can literally plant when it becomes too short to use. No more pencils shoved in the sharpener over here! With seeds ranging from Sunflower and Daisy to Basil and Thyme, you have multiple options of what kind of plant you want your pencil to turn into (never thought I’d say that, but I’m into it!) These would make a perfect gift for anyone in your life that’s ever needed something to write with…so basically everyone, including yourself!

sprout pencil.jpg

Website. www.sproutworld.com

5. More coffee, you heard me. We are BIG coffee drinkers over at KozyKasa and appreciate a bad cup o’ jo over no jo ANY day. If you’re anything similar, then you know how many coffee filters you can go through. These re-usable coffee filters are an easy fix for your caffeine addiction. Pro-tip, boil them every ten uses or so, or every time you change your beans. Oh also, I got mine on Thrive Market. If you’re not on Thrive Market yet then what are you doing?



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