Environmentally Kozy-Eco Friendly Products for the Home

It’s no secret that eco friendly is all the rage right now, and rightfully so! Here’s a roundup of my favorite ‘green’ home accessories to keep your space environmentally friendly…and chic at the same time!

1.     Let’s kick this off with a splash…of paint! Clare Paint is a company that offers premium quality paint that is also “GREENGUARD certified”. According to their website, Clare Paints are “free of toxic, carbon-based solvents that pollute the air and pose health risks.” Besides the fact that this paint can literally make your home a healthier place, the color options are stunning! With everything from “Dirty Martini” to “Rosé Season,” you really can’t go wrong.

calre paint .jpg

               Website. www.clarepaint.com

2.     Now, you know you’ve reached peak adulthood when you get excited about sponges. But hear me out! Sqwishful sponges are plant-based and plastic-free. These have become a staple in my kitchen and with a slogan like “Let’s be the change we squwish to be,”  how could you NOT love this product?

squishful .jpg

               Website. www.sqwishful.com

3.     With all that talk about sponges I can’t forget to mention Skoy cloths. These are reusable dishcloths that are essentially meant to replace paper towels. Oh, and they were designed by two women, so you know we have to support our fellow women owned businesses! They come in the cutest designs which make cleaning your kitchen just a little more fun!


               Website. www.skoycloth.com

4.     If you haven’t heard of Stasher Bags yet, you’re missing out! Stasher bags replace one-time use storage bags and are made from platinum silicone. These bags are washable, fridgeable (yes, I made up that word but it’s true!), and freezable. They come in various sizes for snacks, sandwiches, or storing basically any foods you need. These bags have literally replaced every inch of one-time use plastic in my kitchen! I can’t recommend them enough.

stasher .jpg

Website. www.stasherbag.com (shown in the Mojave mix)

5.     Say it with me, “Save the turtles!” You’ve heard of reusable straws by now, but the metal is too hard on your teeth or too difficult to clean. Enter, GoSili Silicone straws! These are reusable silicone straws that are seriously SO CUTE! Made from 100% European made silicone, these straws are both washable and durable. Also, GoSili is extremely cost-efficient; one straw (with a cute little carrying case included!) is only three dollars! That’s literally cheaper than the iced coffee your straw is being used for. It’s a small price to pay to do your part to keep our oceans and landfills clean.

go sili .png

        Website. www.gosili.com

6.     Bee’s Wax wraps are all the “buzz” lately! Bee’s Wrap is a company that’s mission is to replace plastic wrap with a sustainably made alternative. Made from a combination of “natural cloth coated with sustainably-sourced beeswax”, this is a great substitute for the plastic wrap you might currently use in your home. This is another easy way to make your home more eco friendly.

Website. www.beeswrap.com

7.     Bamboo isn’t just for pandas anymore! BambuHome offers kitchen utensils, dinnerware, straws and more all made from bamboo sourced in China. Most of their staff consists of local women earning a fair wage, and working in fair labor practices. This company is truly doing amazing work and their products are a great addition to any kitchen. And did I mention their products are seriously gorgeous?!

ambuu .png

Website. www.bambuhome.co

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