A Kozy favorite closing it’s doors

When Pier 1 Imports announced they will officially be closing all stores, I was immediately shook. It may be surprising to some, but I have always LOVED this store. A bit of nostalgia could be the culprit, but also how many GREAT finds you were always guaranteed to find there!


Growing up, my mom used to always shop here, and still does. I would always tag along with her as I did any time she went furniture or home decor shopping. This place just holds a lot of good memories for me, personally. Our dishes in the house, and I mean all of them, are all from Pier 1. They have the best dinnerware! Tableware in general, you were always guaranteed to find the cutest, chicest, and affordable seasonable tabletop decor for the holidays. Below, here are some of our favorite (and current!) items from our long time fav.

papasan .jpg

Starting with the good ol’ Papasan Chair. First of all, I love these. There I said it. Second of all, you knew you could ALWAYS find one at Pier 1. When I moved into my first apartment (ever) my very first piece of furniture was this guy. They’re actually really comfortable ok. Pier 1 always had then at any time of year with different patterned cushions, matching ottoman, the works!

K-in need of a natural fiber rug and soon? Pier1 was your guy. Natural fiber rugs like this one were always in stock in different patterns, shapes, sizes, galore! Let’s be real, natural fiber rugs, especially when used outdoors, need to be replaced more often than not. Pier 1 was always my go-to when mine got too worn down and I needed a quick and inexpensive replacement. Sad face


Ok how cute?!?! The BEST seasonal decor ever. For summer BBQ’s to Christmas dinner, Pier 1 was my BFF when I wanted to decorate on theme. These plates in particular are made of melamine making them perf for outside by the pool.


Keeping up with the party theme, how fab is this chic barware set? Inexpensive so you don’t need to break the bank when trying to keep your place decorated for guests. I love the gold and it’s (still) a major trend for 2020. I may have to get my hand on these before they finally close their doors.

And for something for the barware to go on, LOOK at this barcart! How cute. Gold again and with a cute butterfly motif, this would be perfect in a girly girls first apartment in the city. SATC style.

coffee table.jpg

Also loving this coffee table. Pier 1 is a good go-to for actual furniture too! This piece is great and the perfect size. I love how on trend it is but also functional. Pier 1 isn’t all cutesy decor things, my first couch (in the Papasan chair a[apartment) was from here as well! It was red, what.

yoga dog.jpg

Ok stop. Look at him. Some of the best and unique decor could always be found at good ol’ Pier 1 as well. Quirky things like this yoga dog made this store one of my favorites. One of a kind things like this will be missed, Pier 1!

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