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Welp, it’s the end of May and we’re still in quarantine. Since none of us thought it would last this long, I’m sure lots of you are still WFH on your couch, bed, makeshift desk in that extra room no one uses? Yea, I thought so.

With working from home now the new norm, I’ve been getting loads of requests for home office updates! Below, here are some of our favorite inspiration pics for your Kozy new hone office.


Ok, love this one for obvious reasons BUT, I love how versatile the stools can be. Sit down stand up or even use then to reach something on the top shelf. Also, white and brown is one of my favorite color palettes and I think this office is just divine


Love love LOVE the faux fur and kilim rug! Mix textures and patterns to achieve the ultimate boho look. #yas


White & brown here we go again, it’s just so chic. Adding plants and even faux stems help create a relaxing vibe in a sometimes not so relaxing environment. I love the vibe the pampas grass gives off here while also adding visual height.


Simple yet effective! Similar storage cubbies can easily be found at Target, IKEA, etc and LOVE the tassels on the vibe. The ladder decor is v boho which is why we love it, and the frame over the desk! Everything about this is perfect.


Don’t forgetting a reading nook! I love the peacock chair-placed in the corner creates a little relaxing nook for when you need to take a quick 5 away from the computer. Added fringe and hat decor make it extra #yas.


Cute!!! Full length wall ledges add sooooo much storage for decor (yup), books, client binders, whatever kind of docs you need to store. Don’t forget the accent pieces though, it’ll make it seem more homey and less office-y. I love the collaborative environment the extra chairs create too-just in case you DO need to hold in-person-mask-wearing meetings.


Different but still love this! Glass top desks create a luuuxxxurious feel IMO. More faux fur warm up the otherwise cooler space, and a Hans Wegner chair I mean come on! Storage cabinets in the corner house a printer and other office related things.


So. Much. Yes. A live edge desk? Omg. I love the rustic-boho-homey vibe this gives off. Velvet chairs make it more comfy sitting at this (fabulous) desk for hours on hours. And! More full length wall ledges. Storage, decor, and plants, oh my!

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