Top design trend Predictions for 2020

Wow! I can’t believe 2020 is almost here ya’ll. I remember way back when people were projecting we’d have flying cars and be living a life similar to the Jetsons by now. While we may be a ways from avoiding traffic jams on the freeway, we do have a few new trends I’ve been seeing around the design scene lately. Below are my projected trends of 2020. Comment below what you think!

  1. Matte white-white is the new black

  2. Wood accent stove hoods-the new bohemian farmhouse

  3. Hydro rails- A rain head without plumbing the ceiling? I’ll take it.

  4. Sustainability and green design-insert tree hug here

  5. Embracing your curves-as in curved furniture

  6. Classic Blue-Pantone said it

  7. Wall-hung toilets-Yep

  8. Terrazzo-Still here

  9. Hardware-less kitchen cabinets-who needs ‘em

  10. Large floral prints-on the walls, furniture, errwhere

  11. Zen-Dens, Om Rooms-namaste

  12. Velvet-ohhh yea

  13. Warmer neutrals-no more grey

  14. Eclectic décor-move over minimalists . Say hello to maximization

  15. Canopy beds-why not?

  16. Bold pattern backsplash design-also on tiled floors

  17. Mixed metals-it works ok

  18. Earthy tones-and earthy materials

  19. Stone backsplashes in the kitchen-all the way to the ceiling baby

  20. Indoor/Outdoor flow-continues to reign

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