The Top 3 Benefits of Custom Furniture & Where To Find Them

The Top 3 Benefits of Custom Furniture & Where To Find Them

Ah, good ol’ Pottery Barn. Welllllll not so fast. Retail furniture from places like PB, West Elm, and yes, even Restoration Hardware is mass produced and not of the highest quality, despite what the price tag may have you think. I know I know, your bubble is burst but hear me out. There is a time and place for furniture from retail shops, absolutely! However, there is also a time and place, and a market, for higher quality and even custom furniture, tailored directly to your style and taste! Here are some of the ways investing in custom made furniture can elevate your home style and eventually end up saving you money.

Benefit #1: Quality that Stands the Test of Time 

Raise your hand if your sofa fabric pills, the springs are noisy, the cushions aren’t as comfortable or as soft as they were when you bought it, or even if the wood frame broke. Quality furniture manufacturing uses materials that are meant to stand the test of time; performance fabrics, solid wood instead of veneer, and 8 way hand tied spring suspension to name a few. Another plus is that each pieces are made by hand and not an assembly line; there are makers who stand behind their product and will deliver a level of customer service that far exceeds your expectations.

Benefit #2: Comfort that is Suited to Your Preferences 

Another plus of custom furniture is that you can customize the dimensions to fit your space perfectly. Yup, even changing the seat height to be more comfortable for your own height, cushion fill for your personal level of comfort, and even the height of the back cushions, again based on your personal level of comfort.

Benefit #3: Style that Unique to Your Tastes

Comfort aside, you can also choose any fabric under the sun to upholster your custom furniture in. Designers often use what we call “COM,” or, customers own material when ordering custom furniture. You have endless options on fabrics texture, color, pattern, and other details such as leg style, nail head size and spacing, accent trim, number of cushions, etc! Custom furniture mens you can have a one-of-a-kind piece tailored to your specific and personal style rather than something mass produced that your neighbors have.

Not every piece needs to go the custom route, but a few here and there can really take your home to the next level and make it truly unique. Ready to take the plunge into high quality custom furniture? Kozy can help!

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