Investing 101: Where to Save vs. Spend When it Comes to Home Furnishings

Investing 101: Where to Save vs. Spend When it Comes to Home Furnishings


Designing your dream home is such an exciting time, I actually relate it to your first time at Disney Land. But, without a solid plan AND budget in place before you start shopping, it’s really easy to get offtrack. So here I am detailing where to splurge and where to save when it comes to designing your space.

1.) Where to Invest Your Money Wisely

Your big ticket items should always be items you use and see the most. Think sofas and dining tables, and if you’re remodeling, your flooring, tiles, and plumbing. These are items that get the most use and see the most traffic so they should be the most durable. And hey, no one wants a leaking shower head with crappy water pressure right?

Photography by Avery Nicole, Kozy project Cedar Park Chill

2.) Where to Save Your Dollars Strategically

Logically, your biggest areas to save are on items that hardly get any use. On a similar note, save on items you intend to replace in a couple years or have no intention of bringing with you should you ever move. Kids furniture and decor is a great example of this because as kids grow up, so do their needs and appropriate decor. No kids? No problem. A mudroom is also a great place to save. No need to spend on things muddy shoes and grocery bags will see the most.

Photography by Madeline Harper, Kozy Project South Lamar Renovation

3.) Where to Begin Planning for the Project

A solid plan before you start any renovation is the key to successful design. In a remodel or new build home, furnishings may naturally be last on your mind as you are overwhelmed with the hard materials and construction involved. But, if you plan a home based on the type of furniture you know you want, then you won’t be stuck with a room too small to fit your dream sectional or Cal King Bed.

Designers are trained to think of and create solutions for the above points. This is why hiring a designer from the start will be so beneficial to your new design. We help facilitate decisions, show you products and solutions you may have never thought of, and most importantly ensure the budget and timeline stay on track.

Photography by Avery Nicole, Kozy Project Cedar Park Chill

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