WE THE BEST…..home?

Dj Khalid has a furniture line. Yes you read that correctly, DJ Khalid now has a furniture line and TBH, we’re V into it. It’s gotti, very OTT (over the top) but honestly, we’re kinda digging it.

It’s what you would expect from the rap mogul. Bling, gold, r i c h. Miami. In fact, the line will be available at the iconic Miami furniture showroom El Dorado Furniture. On display you can find The Lion Collection, The Major Key Collection, The Iconic Collection, and, wait for it, my favorite and the best of all…THE BALLER COLLECTION. Gold leather sectional anyone? 

The pieces aren’t necessarily what you would find in your everyday home, but you would for sure find them in Dj Khalids. I can imagine him opening his front double doors saying “Welcome to my crib” and immediately being greeted by two 24 karat lion statues. 

It’s something fun to look at. Maybe pick up an accessory or two to add some funk to your space. Overall I respect the man for branching out of his comfort zone and doing something other than music, yolo amiright? Check out the full collection here and prepare for your home to be FRESH TO DEATH.

stay kozy, xx

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